Sebastian Gunawan presents a collection of 63 diverse couture gowns using the best fabrics, "the concept of a collection for the fashion show this time inspired by the five elements of Asian culture that is significant; lacquer, jade, coral, the culture (zodiac) and porcelain" said Sebastian Gunawan. The collection uses a variety of materials velvet, satin, and lace applied with chinoiserie motifs as well as the iconic silhouette with charming details and textures in a variety of colors that certainly gives a fresh look at your appearance.

The colors shown are coral color (orange-brown), which reflects the green jade (jade), black and gold lacquer, blue and white porcelain. These colors represent the elements in the Chinese New Year celebration. "I interpret the Treasure from the East to see the culture of Asia is quite phenomenal and over time also the culture of each country can influence one another, as examples of lacquer in China, Vietnam and other countries" said Sebastian Gunawan.

Ahead of Chinese New Year celebrations, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence launched the Limited Edition New Phoenix first. Inspired by the courage and strength that is reflected through the festive collection "Wings of Change". Chinese New Year Limited Edition integrated in the design of a beautiful phoenix resurrection, symbolizes luck harmony in traditional Chinese culture. It is not only to appreciate the traditional Chinese art form, but also strengthen the commitment of SK-II in women empowerment to #changedestiny as inspiration for the revival feel phoenix in the Chinese New Year to come. Therefore, the design of the Phoenix dominating performances decoration fashion show Treasure from the East.