SEBASTIANred and SEBASTIANsposa celebrate the late Victorian era as Sebastian Gunawan and Cristina Panarese took inspirations from the richness of the 19th Century costumes. The era represents the particularly famous balls designated for the high society and aristocrats, where men dressed elegantly and women were especially dazzling in their flamboyant gowns. Derived from this idea, the Designers infused the eloquent and sophisticated style of these noblemen and women, transformed them into modern, practical and wearable collection that perfectly suit the glamorous lifestyle of SEBASTIANred.

Deeply inspired from the true spirit of romanticism, deep and bold colors are used to dominate this SEBASTIANred collection. Jewel toned colors such as cobalt blue and garnet red are combined with the ever-classic black. The fusion of different shades such as powder pink and buttercup yellow with white tone creates an everlasting and classic collection.

 Blossoming silhouette with full skirts and layers of ruffle are further amplified with puffed sleeves, bishop sleeves and simplified leg-of-mutton sleeves to give a sense of extravaganza that was embraced by the ladies of the celebrated era. The collection reveals high collar and attached suits with décolleté neckline sparked from the beautiful Victorian gowns. The ladies’ dearest accessories of that era, which are pearls and bows, are incorporated into this collection to give a sense of antiquity in each modernized piece.

In SEBASTIANsposa, what before was heavy winter cape is now modified in lighter manner, using Chantily lace and delicate embroidery. Taffeta and damasks fabric are main elements to create more structured designs, whereas pleated fabric, chiffon and lace form a more demure shapes in the collection.