Embracing the beauty spring carries, Fioritura collection by SEBASTIANred is conveying a story of transformation flowers went through before they bloom to fullest potential. Sebastian Gunawan and Cristina Panarese with their staple elegance have created an exclusive ready-to-wear collection inspired by the sunlight, the raindrops and prairies of flower.

Flourishing silhouette is made with the incorporation of godets and fabrics that exaggerate volume such as jacquard, patterned taffeta, tulle textured laces and pleated fabrics. For added dimension, blossoming sleeve of various kinds, such as balloon and handkerchief sleeve are harmonized with layered ruffles and peplums application on dresses.

Affirming the expectation of colours flourishing in spring, pastels and warm white colours are predominant in the collection. From the time before the dawn when the sky is darkest, derived are black and grey. While the use of gold and yellow are adapted from the glow sunlight brings. Soft petals and fresh leaves are impressed in blush pink, sage green and powder blue. The collection is completed with thoughtful detailing, observed are Swarovski crystals arranged in a way that reminded the way raindrop falls and tridimensional floral embroideries to give the expression of life and movement.