The garden of Versailles, a vast garden known for its meticulously sculpted lawns and beautiful beds of flowers. Sebastian Gunawan and Cristina Panarese have now captured its beauty in the form of the SEBASTIANred Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Various flowers, such as peony, wallflowers, daffodils and sweet williams are graced in their designs of more than thirty looks.

Just like the warmth of the season, bright colours are brought in its muted form. Buttercup yellow, chartreuse green, coral pink and cerulean blue are harmonised together with classic elegance of black and white. While the fabrics of choice are luxurious jacquard, duchess satin, silk chiffon and lace. Voluminous silhouettes dominate the collection with fitted bodice matched with A-line, tulip or asymmetrical skirts. Beading embellishment, being a signature detailing of SEBASTIANred makes an expected appearance and as if the garden itself comes to life, tri-dimensional embroidery is applied.

As one can imagine how wonderful a flower garden in its prime time, SEBASTIANred invites you to enjoy a delightful journey of experiencing our Le Jardin de Fleur collection.