Fashion in the hands of Sebastian Gunawan is a celebration of the designs that uphold the beauty of women. The image of an elegant woman, full of sophistication, feminine, sleek in her dress with full of luxury which embodies a classy woman.

In this year collection titled LA DIVINA MARCHESA, there are new and different things offered by Sebastian Gunawan Couture. The inspiration came from Marchesa Luisa Casati, a noble woman whom for three decades in the early 20th century was regarded as most artistic woman after the Virgin Mary and Cleopatra, making gallery owners in various parts of the world feel obliged to fill their gallery with portraits, photographs and sculptures of this eccentric woman.

When people regard dog as pet, Casati brought her favourite leopard to celebrity events and boa snake as a scarf wrapped around her neck. Casati personal aesthetics became a legend in the country for decades. Not only Luisa Casati inspired a legion of writers, painters, sculptors, photographers and fashion designers, she herself was inspired by artists like Salvador Dali. During the same era, Luisa Casati’s Fashion Style was heavily influenced by the concept of “the Russian Ballet”, which creates a fushion of Eastern and Western style.

“Me and Cristina revive a fashion trend that came from Luisa Casati as our main inspiration, where the combination of different attributes such as Eastern culture in Turkey, Japan and China with the West culture in Europe into a work full of intricate details, multi-color and rich forms, as well as to be inspirations for future trend", said the designer.

Through LA DIVINA MARCHESA, Sebastian Gunawan and Cristina Panarese tell the story of a woman who was fashion forward during her era. Presented in 91 cocktail dresses and evening dresses that are exclusive designs of Sebastian Gunawan Couture, twenty-dress of which have been featured in high fashion modeling world level, the Paris Couture Fashion Week 2016. Sebastian Gunawan describes women as having different unique style that can be as elegant or feminine, or unique and different in a variety of other characters corresponding to her  own identity. Variety women styles was illustrated through the character designs that range from constructed clothing to lightweight yet strong dresses of luxurious rich ornaments.

Althought the collection is rich in diversity and uniqueness in each piece, each design is tied to one common thread, which is a combination of multi elements that was hand-crafted in high level of accuracy, also in bold composition of block colors, abstract motifs crafted on various fabrics and materials. This collection is not merely to show the beauty of a dress or technique of combining contradictory elements and any interesting details, but also creating classic dresses that are to be leading forces in the Fashion Industry. Thin materials such as lace are transformed into new texture, creating a rigid and sturdy composition. This shows how the pair, Sebastian & Cristina has landed at point sublime with high technique in creating fashion. From glass shaped silhouette jumpsuit, spectacular long cape dress with gigantic volume and the sophisticated use of fur, Sebastian Gunawan style is rendered into modern trend mode, despite the evolving and dynamic world of Fashion.