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VOTUM heritage

Introducing VOTUM heritage, designed by our team, under the supervision of Sebastian Gunawan and Cristina Panarese. The new line for both local and international market. Presenting a varied range of prints collection as the answer of new normal fashion that accommodates women’s body affordable, comfortably yet luxurious. Our collection is inspired by the motifs of Central and Eastern Indonesia, re-interpreted into a new rich story of Indonesian heritage, to be told here (homeland Indonesia) and far away.

Designed in more wearable and modern silhouettes, VOTUM heritage offers comfortable lightweight fine materials to elevate your everyday wear while keep you in style. Our range of affordable products can be easily mix and match to fit your personal taste.



SEBASTIANred by Sebastian Gunawan & Cristina Panarese was launched in 2000 to cater the urban market in need of Haute Couture, affordable yet luxurious sophisticated occassion wear. Bring fashion down to earth, designed in more dynamic and international silhouettes.

The line is now available at two privately operated boutiques all over Indonesia and has achieved and established status as the go to premium fashion label for the high end society. Watch our show collection on many social media platform.


 by Sebastian Gunawan & Cristina Panarese was launched in 2006. Created to cater to the market in need of accessible & luxurious wedding gowns. The line offers unique and exclusive designs with a touch of personalized details, for both its ready-to-wear collection as well as made-by-order service. With a subtle touch of European and Asian touch.

The brand has a long history and story, making endless creations for our brides, to create a wedding dress beautifully for when they walk down the aisle. The collections throughout the years have been a delightful experience for the designer, viewers, and of course the bride to enjoy. Adapting as time goes, each new collection is fashioned to cater to the trends and demands of its time.

Going back almost 10 years ago, our 2014 collection – Golden Allure, depicts the luxury in the golden era, a reminder of the essence of beautiful figures of the Tudor Dynasty. With ruffled details and scales like sequence patterns, corsets, and silhouettes to picture royalty, pride, and sophistication. Inspired by the figure of the French Queen Marie Antoinette, reviving the fashionable noblewoman spirit of today, the 2015 collection – A Lady’s Portrait, are designs made through a mix of classic and modern fashion styles from the 18th and 19th centuries. Whereas the 2016 Collection – Aristocrat, relives the glamor of 19th-century fashion in a contemporary sense. Inspired by the glamorous and luxurious aristocratic style of the Victorian era in the 1800s. Other following collections: Cromia (2018) and Incantessimo (2020).

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SEBASTIANsposa | Jl. Danau Sunter Selatan Blok E8 No.15A Jakarta Utara 14350

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Whatsapp at +62 818-1820-3088. Visit By Appointment Only.
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