Hi, we are looking for creative individuals to join us! Refer to the points below and see if you are eligible

Job description:
1. Working alongside the head designer to create & elaborate designs.
2. Identifies trends, fabrics, embellishments, colors, prints, trimmings, and styles for each garment or accessory.
3. Create technical drawings, draping, and digitalize designs using software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
4. Supervise sample development (pattern development, cutting, sewing, embroidery, finishing, and beading).
5. Responsible for ensuring all designs are made according to the original design, if problems occur during the sampling process, it is mandatory to find a solution and/or come up with various creative alternatives.
6. Responsible for creating production timeline from design process until sample development and post-production process, as well as ensuring that everything is on track with time.
7. Managing photoshoots, fashion shows, and other events, including model fitting, etc.

Qualifications & requirements:
1. D3/S1 Fashion Design major
2. Preferably 1 year of work experience. Fresh graduates are welcome.
3. Knowledgeable in design-related software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
4. Strong sewing and pattern development skills are a must.
5. Able to mix and match fabrics & embellishments, detail-oriented, and good color theories is a must.
6. The ability to change ideas into a three-dimensional design, and execute designs into an actual garment is a must.
7. Creativity, artistic ability, excellent sense of style, and good research skills are necessary.
8. Being responsible, having good time management, and being able to work individually or in a team with a tight schedule and deadlines under pressure is a must.
9. Having good interpersonal skills, and the ability to take instructions from designers and work alongside them is a must.

Work Location: Sunter, Jakarta Utara

Please send your CV and Portfolio to